English Friday: Your Wildest Dream?

Hello, Friday.


It’s English Friday time. Sorry for very late post. I had a friday which was not feels like friday. I was going home late, starved and exhausted. Yes it’s a middle of month but doesn’t feel like that. I feel tired and exhausted as what I usually feel in the end of month.

But, BEC’s challenge every friday is really a challenge. Without any idea and energy, I would answer this week question.

What is your wildest dream?

I don’t know what is my wildest dream. I also don’t know is it because. I have too many dreams so I can’t define what is the wildest one, or because I have no dream at all.

I could easily dream that I will be like this and that. I want to be a free diver whenever I am near to sea. I want to be in movie whenever I watch movies. I want to be a professional photographer whenever I open Instagram apps. I dream of having Doraemon’s tool. I dream I am a singer whenever I sing. I dream I am a princess whose prince with horse as my partner to travel around the world. And any other wild dreams that could easily change whenever the situations and conditions change.

At the time I write this post, I’m completely exhausted and my mind get blank. So I think my wildest dream right now is I could easily write my wildest dream in this post and tell you what a great dream I have.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

Why don’t you tell me what is your wildest dream? Maybe your answer will inspire me.

*pssst, I’m going to join photography workshop tomorrow. It’s my first time join photography workshop with professional photographer. So nervous yet excited.

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  1. If you don’t know who you want to be (yet), than just be yourself.
    I have just watched a TV show and there is a quote that I want to share:
    “You can, if you want.”
    So I think, whether you want to be professional photographer, skilled diver, or excellent writer, or Doraemon (heheh), all you need is that you know that you want it to be.
    And with some magic from your effort, some hocus pocus… bam!
    You are what you want yourself to be.

  2. Then, let me tell you about my wildest dream: Actually I dream will finish the EF challenge too but I didn’t make any sentence yet ( sampe nulis komen ini).

    Btw, it was great to see you on photograph workshop yesterday.

  3. Aaaw Aqied, I can exactly feel how you were feeling that night. Yet you still came up with this post. Many thanks for joining Qied. As other commenters said, share the knowledge please from the workshop 😀

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