[English Friday] How Gadgets Affect My Life

Let me introduce you my cellphone. I have Xperia as my current gadget, replacing my old Axioo Picopad. Both are Android.


I was the first and only Android user in my family. My mom and my young sister used Lumia while my old sister used iOs. Then, my father came with his Oppo and I gave my Axioo to my youngest sister. so now, 50% of my family members are Android users.

Besides, I have no laptop nor PC (still thinking about buy one). I usually use PC in my office to do my work. Sometimes, I borrow my young sister’s laptop tosave some files, and do some blogging things, like joining live-blogging event, posting, and blogwalking.

Am I addicted to gadget? maybe Yes. throwback 10 years ago, I liked bring some books (novels, comics, or blocknotes) when I go. So I could read or write somethings when I had nothing to do.

but now? I like saving some novels, short stories, comics in e book. so I can read it from my cellphone when I get bored or wait for somethings or have a spare time. Then, books getting heavier and bigger in my mind (actually, it’s not, cause I thing books nowadays use lighter paper).

As communication tools, cellphone is really helpfull in my family. since we (my parents and their 4 daughters) are live in 4 different cities, 3 different provinces and 2 different islands (rada lebay). Now we can easily inform each other about our recent activities, share the photos, and discuss anything like we are in a family room. *actually we are, but in family (chat) room.

to be honest, I don’t want to be that addicted to gadget. now, the 2 most important thinga to bring for me are cellphone and my NX1000 camera. whenever I am too excited to the scenery or any eye catching things, I almost forget my cellphone and get busy with my camera. it’s no problem to go where there is no enough telkomsel signal so I can enjoy the place 100%. The problem is, when I finish my trip, I can’t handle myself not to share the pics to some social medias I have. I am addicted, right?

Throwback several years ago, i was happy and enjoy my life even without that addicted to gadget. but now, I don’t know whether i could live without it or not. Does it mean that gadgets has affected my life?

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  1. They do have some effects on you Qied. 😀
    As my gadgets on me. But let’s just try to limit them as they need to. Put them away whenever our loved ones are around. Anyway i think your cellphone is essential for you since your family are parted in various areas right?

  2. So, gadget change almost everything, isn’t it?

    And again, I like you and your family because of technology you are using. Maybe it can be said that your family is “keluarga melek teknologi”. I think it is because of the situation that forces you to use that kind of technology, right?

    Btw, there is something for you in my blog. Please come and check it, if you don’t mind 🙂

  3. At some point, posting images on social media can’t be called as “addicted”, or harshly, “narcissist”. I think we can call it “actualizing yourself” :hehe. So it’s okay.
    Instead of saying smartphones connect to disconnect, why don’t we say smartphones connect to connect? (make me talk enough and I’ll start saying Nok*a connecting people). Haha.

  4. It has affected not only you but everyone. The difference is how much it has? So far, it’s a good impact or the opposite? We just need to know ourself and don’t lose ourself to the phenomenon 🙂

  5. I think maintaining communication with your family is important and I don’t think it’s addiction as long as you are in control. It becomes a problem when we prefer our gadgets then real human interaction.

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