English Friday: Outfit of The Day??!!


It’s been so long since the last time I posted my English Friday homework. I can’t count how many EF challenges I’ve missed. This week, I wanted to come and accept the challenge, till I read the topic…


Outfit of the day??!!

Fashion is not in my blood. I am not wearing fashionable clothes. I don’t know about the latest frend of fashion. I am not reading any fashion magazine. I can’t take a pic of OOTD. You can check my instagram account . I rarely share my look of the day.

When friday morning came, I read in whatsapp group that some bloggers had already posted their EF. Their blogs inspired me much. So I started looking for pic that I can share. It was a bit difficult that I couldn’t find pic of my self from head to toe.

Finally, I got one. The not so fashionable style to follow.


Veil: unbranded. My sister got it from a gift. It’s two sided veil.

Long sleeve T-shirt: mlaku2 oblog jogja. I highly recommend this brand of T-shirt as souvenir from Jogja.

Skirt: I forget the brand. Actually it was my sister’s but it’s not fit to her. So I claimed it as mine.

Sandal: I thought everyone know the brand. Yes. It’s Swallow Sandal. Love this sandal so much.

Sorry that I can’t write and take pic for OOTD post like usually fashion blogger does. ????

Location: Taman Sari Water Castle, Yogyakarta
Photographer: lovely Beby

46 thoughts on “English Friday: Outfit of The Day??!!

    1. Aaak trimakasiiih, mas dani. Ootd ku biasanya amburadul. 😉
      Nanti klo maen ke jogja lagi trus maen skitaran kraton, mampir ke outletnya ajaa.

    1. Haloo, mbaa….. (maaf enaknya gimana nyapanya ya?)
      Trimakasiiih ud mampir. Hihi iya deh swallow jg gak dibolehin naik eskalator yaa. 🙁
      Btw mau bw koq link yg ini gak bisa ya, mb?

  1. Gitu yaaaa rasanya yang uda jadi brand ambassador.. 😛

    Aku nyesel ngga beli kaos mlaku-mlaku banyakan, Qied. Ini dibully sama orang-orang, pada ditagih kaooooos.. :'(

  2. The shirt’s blue is kind of bright, but it gives a pleasant accent to your entire outfit. Furthermore, its color matches the veil’s so well. Great.

  3. Aqid hipster abis. Disaat orang-orang menghindari penggunaan swalllow buat jalan2, lu malah memakainya. *kasih jempol*
    Btw, di jogja enak ya, temboknya bebas dicoret2 gitu. Jakarta mah apaan -__-

    1. Huahahahahahaha itu swallow juga ud dipake muncak gunung kecil loooh, Ta. Cuma kurang banyak dipoto2 aja swallow nya.
      Itu daerah yg memang semua temboknya digambarin, ta. Beby pernah nulis di blog nya

    1. haloooo, mas. terima kasih ud kesini. hihi

      iiya, kalo pake haihil suka gak kuat jalannya. jadi swallow aja lah biar kaya artes kreah entuuu

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