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[English Friday] Word for 2015: Better

Last updated on Maret 12, 2017

Hello, Friday

I love friday cause for me, friday is early weekend. My work is not as busy as other weekdays even still I should available at my office eight to five.

Now, I have to write an english post for this blog everyfriday. I know that I am not that fluent in english. Neiither in speaking nor in writing. That’s why there is no even a post in this blog which is written in English. I am not saying that my Bahasa Indonesia is good, but I think, it’s better than when I write in English. So, I would like to say sorry if this first english post will be so messy.

Blog English Club is the club where bloggers share and study about English. Knowing I am not good in this complicated language, I came to the club. Poor me, I don’t know that by joining this club, I should accept its challenge. BEC gives us challenge that we should write an English post on Friday. BEC will give the theme and topic for the post.

What is your word for 2015 is challenge for this week and there will be different topics for the next weeks. If you feel that the topic suits you, feel free to join.

As I said on the title, my word for 2015 will be BETTER.

Looks cliche or too mainstream, right? But that is the only thing I want whenever the time changes. At night, I hope tomorrow will be a better day and I will be better person. In every way. At the end of month when I look flashback the whole month, I evaluate myself for every mistakes and plan for next month.

Now, it’s new year and throw back my last year, I was nothing. Stayed in my comfort zone, did silly and useless things, wasted my time without any good achievement, etc. Of course I will not do the same stupid things twice, and waste my next 1 year.

Talking about the word BETTER, I couldn’t remember where was the last time I eat Better biscuit. I think I’d better go to minimarket and buy one.


  1. adhyasahib adhyasahib Januari 9, 2015

    selamat ya for the first post in English, aku malah masih takut2 kalau mau nulis dalam bsh inggris, takut berantakan grammernya 😀

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Ini juga masih berantakan banget. Pasti kalo yg jago inggris bakal terganggu deh baca acakadul ini. Namanya jg belajar. Hihi

  2. bukanbocahbiasa bukanbocahbiasa Januari 9, 2015

    I loovee chocolate topping on better biscuitssss… Let’s buy them.together :))

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Yes, Mb Nurul. Btw, now I love Lotte marsmallow which is arranged and topped like better. They switch biscuit to marsmallow. A bit more expensive than better biscuit sih

      • bukanbocahbiasa bukanbocahbiasa Januari 10, 2015

        I don’t like marshmallow at all. Blassss gak sukaaa. It feels like we,re biting sandals huehehe

  3. ranselijo ranselijo Januari 9, 2015

    All of us always want to be a better person in any way and gratitude to everything in our Life. Glad having you in this club! 🙂

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Thanks, Mb Deva.
      today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow should be better than today.

  4. Ferdy Lpu Ferdy Lpu Januari 9, 2015

    lets doing good to be a better person 🙂

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Let’s act. Hahaha

  5. Sandrine Tungka Sandrine Tungka Januari 9, 2015

    <3 Better Biscuit.
    When I was a kid while eating one, I always hoped to be a better kid after finishing a whole biscuit 😀

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Now you are, Sandrine. 😉

  6. egiyantina egiyantina Januari 9, 2015

    “Better” biscuit is so tasty, one is not enough for me hehehe. I hope you can achieve every life goals in 2015

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 9, 2015

      Agree. I have just bought 5. Hahaha. Aamiin,Thanks

  7. Anggun Anggun Januari 9, 2015

    I love Better biscuits, too. Like I love having a better day, everyday (apaaa coba) 😀

    Salam kenal!

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      right after posting this post, I bought a box of better biscuit. hahahaha

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      terima kasih, Dinar
      itu sudah cukup bangeeet.

  8. jampang jampang Januari 10, 2015

    better emeng lebih enak!

    koq jadi ngiklan 😀

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015


  9. Beby Beby Januari 10, 2015

    Better sekarang jadi kecil ya. Uda gitu cokelatnya sikit lagi. -_-

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      iya, lebih kecil. coklatnya tipisan

  10. Ryan Ryan Januari 10, 2015

    Most of the comments are about the biscuits… hahahaha.
    Nice one Aqied. I always put this as a tagline on my TGFTD posts: “Be Wise, Be Better, Be You”
    Please… be better, but the most important thing is always be yourself, no matter what.

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      thanks, mas Ryan.
      so I should make my self better

  11. Dwi Puspita Dwi Puspita Januari 11, 2015

    englishku berantakan banget mbak, maunya join nih club tapi nggak pede hahaha

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      ealah paling juga lebih berantakan aku inih T_T

      join aja, mbaa

  12. maembie maembie Januari 11, 2015

    i’m so dizzy membacanya 🙁

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      get some aspirin

      • maembie maembie Januari 26, 2015

        Aspirin itu kalo pramusaji di restoran ke sandung kaki meja “Aspirin” (Awas piring) *gakjelasbanget*

  13. Ola Aswandi Ola Aswandi Januari 11, 2015

    “..all I can, to be a better man..” -Robbie Williams-, have a great year ahead mba Aqid, salam kenal yaa.. love your post! 🙂

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      aaah mb ola, ini post nya masi berantakann
      *ngumpet di pojokan*gak pd

  14. GloryGrant GloryGrant Januari 11, 2015

    halo Aqied. 🙂
    numpang kasih komen ya. hehehe. salam kenal.

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      haha salam kenal jugaaa 😉

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      duh jadi pengen beli lagi

  15. dani dani Januari 13, 2015

    Finally I got the chance read your post Qied. Hahaha. Sorry.
    Great post. The purpose of the group so that we can be better right?
    Btw just a simple typo in this sentence:
    that ((may)) Bahasa Indonesia is good.

    Thank you for joining the challenge.

    • aqied aqied Post author | Januari 23, 2015

      thanks for the correction, mas Dani. Thought there are so many typos as always mas Dani

  16. Ditter Ditter Januari 13, 2015

    And I will go to the minimarket to get a welcome greeting from cashier…

  17. NanaBanana NanaBanana Januari 20, 2015

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this post.
    We chose the same word, Yay!! We’re team Better!
    Let’s be better!
    Salam, banana 🙂

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